Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Create Beauty in Your Life

Everyday I try to bring beauty into my life. Beauty for me can be experienced in many ways and I'd encourage you to think about what brings beauty into your life as we converse today in Kitchen Table Talk.

Alexandra Stoddard whom many of you may know is an expert on beauty and design. She is the author of many books, including one of my favorites, Living a Beautiful Life. In this book she writes about ways to add beauty and joy to every day living. She discusses how rituals are the patterns that we create in our everyday living that can make the ordinary special. I enjoy the role of routine, structure, and details and try to find ways to make these ordinary aspects of my life special. Certain things that can augment rituals that create beauty for me include the use of candles, books, color, nice linens and bringing nature into my day.
A daily ritual to help bring nature into your day might include a walk with nature, watching birds, filling your bird feeders, weeding your garden, watering your plants and just sitting at a window watching the outside world. And, learning to listen to nature brings beauty into my daily routine.
How about your daily rituals that you foster to help create beauty in your life? Write about them in your journal and if you don't have a journal this could be a wonderful time to create one. You could title it 'Kitchen Table Talk' and after reading these blogs write your response in your journal. Since doing this blog, I have found that many people will not write a comment here, however will email me and comment. Do what works for you and remember to find ways to create beauty today in your life. Blessings.

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