Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter Sunday. It finds me reflecting about the meaning of the word Resurrection.
Some words that came to me on this Easter morning about the word resurrection include hope, transformation, and renewal. I was reminded of the importance of hope in each of our lives. What is it that you are hoping for that needs a 'resurrection' in your life? Is it for a return of health, improved finances, a change of attitude, a healing of one kind or another?
Transformation was another of the words that came to me this Easter morning as I thought of the word resurrection. What has to happen for a transformation to take place; oftentimes it is a letting go. A letting go might be needed for that change you are seeking. As I sat at the kitchen table with my newspaper and coffee this morning the thought came to me that attachment to can hinder transformation from ... and, like any spiritual traveler, I asked myself where this is true in my life. And, how would you answer that question?
I defined renewal as what was it in my life that I need to renew; that needs refreshed. I wish it were as simple as pushing that refresh button on my computer. Instead, I have to have an open mind and a willing heart to begin the action step of change. Here is where hope can be our refresh button and here is where we need each other for support.
Wishing you this Easter Sunday hope, transformation, and renewal in all the areas of your life that needs change. I further wish for you kitchen table talk within yourself and others.

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