Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend

Easter Weekend finds me home and not with my extended family as planned; instead, I'm 'nursing' an aching back! Yes, I guess the saying is correct that "God laughs at us when we make plans."

I have prepared for weeks with thoughts of Easter outfits, Easter dinner, Easter egg coloring, Easter baskets and going to church with my family. Now, because I'm not able to travel this weekend I am at home with hubby, and my little dog.

I am trying to remember all my spiritual lessons and to practice my 'tools' that lead one to letting go, acceptance, and peace.

Smoked salmon, coconut cupcakes, cinnamon praline coffee cake, Starbucks coffee, pita crackers, are some of the special foods I bought for this 'stay at home Easter weekend.' I'm trying to practice loving myself and sending healing energies to my back. Books, movies, magazines, and my wonderful bed are all waiting for me too. I will be OK but it certainly isn't the weekend I had planned.

The weather here in Florida is going to be beautiful this weekend. I could have been walking on the beach, sitting by the pool, rocking on my back porch however, here I am, HERE and not THERE!

Acceptance is what this Easter weekend offers me, reminding me of surrendering and resurrection. I will accept this gift of time to be separate and not my extended family. I will accept this introverted time to read, reflect, renew, and recover. I will enjoy and be grateful for this time to heal and trust that all is well.

The lessons are it is the Now that is real. Plans are plans and only plans. Reality is about the moment, the Now the truth! Truth is that I could not travel this weekend. Truth is acceptance. And, when I can let go, accept, be grateful, be present in the Now, trust and surrender then, I have a resurrection.

Happy Easter to each of you.


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