Friday, April 16, 2010

Fill Your Basket

Aren't baskets just the greatest! I own several and to me it is the symbolic meaning of the 'container' that holds my fascination.
What's in your basket? This picture is of an empty basket and it is displayed to remind me that it is really my choice of what I put in this basket today.
Do I want to fill it with negativity, irrational thoughts, fear, anger, judgments, etc or do I want it to contain positive thoughts, rational comments, hope, joy, peace, and love. It is really up to me.
Once I 'get it' that my life is about the power of what I put in my 'basket' and this is what I carry around, will determine how I feel. The outcome of my day to day life will be determined on how I fill my basket. I can make choices about today that will foster the next step I take and the next step.
I can learn new behaviors by decisions I make about what goes in my basket. Over time of re-deciding new behaviors are formed and, a new life is shaped.
The next time you see a basket ask yourself "what's in my basket?" You can also remember the power of choices and how that shapes a life.

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