Monday, April 12, 2010

It is Time for Cake

This is a coconut cake that I made over the weekend. It is a receipe that I found on one of my favorite blogs-Slow Love Life.
I am definitely not a cake baker however, this receipe was easy to follow and the results were good. I must add that for me to make a cake I have to really love it and I love coconut cake!
In my family I look for reasons to have a cake and no reason existed with the exception, "I wanted a cake."
Cake has a feel of luxury, of it is a special time, and it brings out the child in all of us to sit down to a piece of cake. How about for you? What kind of memories do you have around having cake?
When I travel I like to go to visit libraries, old churches, yarn shops, and cake shops! I remember a little town in North Carolina (Tyron??) that had the most fabulous bakery. It is a special treat to find a bakery and to have the time to sit down with cake and coffee. It fosters the simplicity of life that each of us so crave. It allows time for reflection, relaxation, and conversation. It is the feel of the Kitchen Table!
Happy Monday and make sure you eat some cake this week and maybe even visit your favorite Bakery.

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