Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letting Your Light Shine

Kitchen Table Talk (KTT) is something most of us enjoy doing and perhaps tend to have more time on the weekends and during holidays to linger over coffee and tea talking with each other around the kitchen table.

A recent topic of conversation during a KTT was on the subject of "do I do enough for others?" I call this Letting Your Light Shine, and it means just that-allowing your light, which is who you are to be seen by others.

How much do I do for others and is it enough and could I do more? These were some of the questions that were explored as we sat around the kitchen table, and I noted that I think we each probably do more than we realize.

Today's KTT is a pause to invite you to think about the many ways you do give or perhaps to think about how you can participate in Letting Your Light Shine. I do not think it is important that we necessarily talk about the giving we do, however it is important to acknowledge it to ourselves.

Knowing how to receive as well as how to give is a part of Letting Your Light Shine. It is in the receiving that we allow the other to receive the blessing of giving. So, the next time somebody wants to do something for you, instead of saying, "no" remember they are trying to Let their Light Shine and your Light gets to Shine in the receiving, as you are then being a giver to them as well.

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