Monday, April 5, 2010

Now it's Monday

Monday, back to the ordinary. And, the Monday after a holiday is always a hard one.

What is it about the ordinary that feels so 'less than?' We all like excitement, the special, the feeling of the extraordinary to make us feel good. The challenge of course becomes how to feel 'good' with the ordinary. The day in and out of routine, structure, sameness and doing what needs to be done to make life work for us.
A key to being with the ordinary is to be in the moment, to be in the here and now as we go about the daily living. Monday's invite us to do just that! What can support being in the NOW?
Look around you and see the beauty that is present. As I looked at my today I claimed the beauty of health, of a job to go to, of family, of my interest in writing Kitchen Table Talk, and then my eye caught the Easter Lily sitting on the table with its' newest bloom. My soul said, 'all is well.'
Monday is a day that holds beauty for us if we have eyes to see. Make sure you see the beauty of this day; it is there waiting for you. Peace.

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