Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm thinking about a dear friend today and the joy she has brought into my life. She gave me these lovely sunflowers and I cannot look at them without thinking about the 'sun' she has been and is for so many people. Do you know somebody like her that just brings life to the party, joy to the room, sunlight to your life? Yes, that's my friend.
When I think about her and the friendship we've had now for a number of years, I wonder if I have 'touched' others like she has? This is not meant to be a comparison but only a reflective inner search.
Another question I asked myself is "just what makes a person have the ability to be so special?" I believe the person has to be their own person and have some of the following characteristics-be centered; live in the NOW, share appropriately with boundaries, to be able to laugh at themselves, to let go easily, to know how to play, listening skills, to always be willing to learn from life, and to see the best in others.
Individuals with these traits often become mentors for others and leave a rich legacy. They truly are special. I challenge each of you to think about your own specialness and commit to being the sunflower for yourself today and for somebody else. Life then becomes rich.

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