Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time and All the Meaning it Holds

Kitchen Table Talk today is about time. It seems recently for me that time is just going by way too quickly. One morning as I was getting ready for my day I became acutely aware of this as first it was 8:00am and the next thing I knew it was 1:30pm. Where did the time go? It went too fast! I felt as though the clock had legs on it and it was literally running. This fostered some reflection for me about time and all the meanings it holds.
I was reminded to use my time management tools and to maximize my use of time. I told myself to stay in the moment as that is the only time I have. I know to respect time, to be organized and to prioritize my objectives and, how I set about meeting my goals within my daily 24 hour time period. I reminded myself to make the NOW happy as this is all I truly have and to make memories now and, not to postpone any happiness that I can achieve today.
A few weeks ago I subscribed to Where Women Create created by Jo Packham and published by Stampington & Company's Somerset Studio ( I received my first issue this week of this beautiful magazine which is truly a piece of art. In this issue Jo Packman writes From My Kitchen Table and she talks about time. I was pleased to see the universality of my thoughts about time in this article. She writes so beautifully and illustrates with wonderful photographs. I'd encourage each of you to look at this creative endeavor as it so supports what I am trying to write about in KTT.
It was nice to read that Jo Packman uses her kitchen table like I do-for everything. I'm sitting here right now at the kitchen table with my laptop, newspaper, a pile of reading, writing paper, a cup of coffee as I also listen to the news on TV and think about time and all the meaning it holds. She talks about the activities that she engages in at the kitchen table. Then, she moves into the article about time. She reflects on birthdays and how she did her 50th and now soon to be her 60th. The article is not only about birthdays however; it is about the ways we think of time.
Time marks our days, our years, and also our memories. It goes quickly at times and then there are times when it moves like a 'snail.' We want happy moments to last forever and times of suffering to quickly be gone and, never to return. We are encouraged to learn from all these experiences of time gone by.
Today as I live out my treasured moments I will be grateful for this day and will honor my creative self to live soulfully. And, I do think maybe the clock instead of 'hands' has 'legs' that are running way to fast for me ... as I say, "slow down, slow down, slow down."

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