Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birds and Their Lessons for Me

My husband and I in the recent past have come to truly enjoy watching the birds. He has placed several bird feeders in view of our table in the sunroom (where I am sitting now and the Kitchen Table I refer to often) where we eat our meals and get to watch the birds. We have become birdwatchers. I appreciate the freedom I experience as I watch the birds fly. They have a lightness I envy and want in my own life.

A friend recently sent me an email that asked "do you ever wonder what is inside a birdhouse?" Then the email allowed you to go inside the birdhouse and it was a complete house, of course in miniature size. It humanized the birds by giving them what we have in our houses. It was quite amusing and it was certainly a creative email; however, I do not want the birds to have all the hassles that come from having a house. My thought was that the birds would loose their sense of freedom and lightness that I experience as their essence, as well as what I am trying to bring into my life.

This continued to prompt me to think about birds and how they fly. I quickly realized that I was projecting onto these birds my own desire for 'freedom' and 'lightness.' I realized I do not want all those household chores, labor intensive tasks, and ongoing meals, dishes, and laundry to do. I want to fly like the birds. My next question became "how do I do that and continue to live in my house?"

Mindfulness was the answer that 'bubbled' up in my thoughts. Yes, mindfulness. I need to be in the NOW like the birds. I can live in my house with more lightness if I can prioritize chores, lower expectations, not think in terms of 'all or nothing' and make sure that there is balance to my day. I can be present in my life by honoring me. I can fly like the birds and experience my freedom and lightness by living my life by my choices on a daily bases. I can feel freedom and lightness.

It is no wonder I have become a bird watcher as 'the teacher appeared' when I needed it. The birds have been teaching me about how much I needed to learn to 'fly' and to be 'light.' Thank you birds and yes, we will keep your bird feeders full!

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