Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Care of Pets

Today is the third anniversary date of the death of our Bichon Frise, LeStat. Although the image to the right isn't LeStat it is a picture I like very much of a Bichon. LeStat was thirteen years old when he went to Heaven. We miss him and honor him on this special day of remembrance.
Last evening I viewed the movie Hachi with my three grandchildren who also loves dogs. Hachi is a story of a special relationship between a dog, Hachi and his master. The themes of love, loyalty and family reminded me of the relationships I have had with my dogs over the years.
The story reminds us how many times we are chosen by a pet and not the other way around. The dog or cat comes into our lives by chance, yet it changes everything. And, sometimes the pet fills a void the person doesn't even know existed, and remember maybe that is true for the pet too.
If you have ever lost a beloved pet you know that the dog (or, any other loved animal) lives on in our psyche. Hachi teaches us that the pet owner lived on in his beloved dog. Hachi would continue the daily ritual of meeting the train in the mornings and in the evenings that his beloved 'owner' commuted on daily to the university where he was a professor. Hachi would change his life to continue this ritual and devotion to his master. The love and loyalty displayed by Hachi is heartwarming and touches the lives of those that observe this daily happening that went on for nine years past his master's death.
It reminded me that although I do not have the daily outwardly connection with LeStat (and, for that matter all the other dogs that are also in Heaven; but today is LeStat's day!) he is with me in my very being just as the professor was with Hachi.
If you haven't seen the movie Hachi I highly recommend it. Today take the time to think about the animals that have been in your life and how the love and loyalty lives on.

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