Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Over the weekend I attended a Spring Art Festival. As I walked along the street stopping at different artist booths I felt an 'awe' for the creativity I was witnessing.

I was amazed at the many themes of creativity as I looked at the artists' work. These objects were something they 'birthed' and to think that it started with a thought; i.e., a seed. These objects went from a thought to a reality. These artists had to devote time, money and energy to finish these products.

I wondered what their thoughts were along the way...what did this artist think about this piece of pottery; this piece of jewelry; this woven garment; this painted picture that they created? And what was it like now for the artist as we potential buyers walked about touching and commenting on this item they had 'birthed?' The artist had breathed life into something that now had form and substance. What was it like for the artist to see people pick up the wonderful piece of jewelry and then put it back down? Did they experience rejection? Or, were they glad that they got to keep this particular piece of jewelry awhile longer?

I purchased a beautiful pair of gold butterfly earrings and a ring made by an artist in Nashville, Tennessee. She was a joy to talk with, taking her time to explain to me the different pieces of jewelry I looked at, and she was friendly to me and my friend. I enjoyed buying these items and I enjoyed spending some time with this talented woman.

I appreciated the energy it must take to travel to these art shows, packing and unpacking their precious art, the expenses to participate in the shows, dealing with the weather, interacting with people, answering questions, being tired and not having anybody to watch your booth so that you can comfortably take a much needed break. As a person walking through the crowds, looking at the art, leisurely talking with the artist I certainly came to appreciate the work that went into the artist once again giving of their time, energy and money in the sharing of their talents.

Thank you to all you artists out there that might need to know that you are appreciated, that your talents are honored, and that you deserve recognition for the sharing in so many ways of your talents.

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