Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am a Sage-ing Leader ( and Sage-ing is about conscious aging. It focuses on positive aspects of aging and what I call creative aging. One of the Sage-ing exercises is about harvesting our lives. I like to think that when we do this exercise we are mining our lives for the gold or the wisdom we have gained through living.
Wisdom is what we have learned along the way. What we have gained from perhaps choices we wished we hadn't made, from our life experiences, from our losses, and from falling down and getting up again. We cultivate wisdom when we journal, when we tell our stories, through prayer and meditation, listening to others share their journeys, as well as the learning we can do through books and movies.
One Saturday morning I sat in Cracker Barrel eating breakfast when I overheard some women at the next table talking. One of the women said, "my life has just been a series of one bad decision after another." I have never forgotten those words and the laughter that all of the women at that table engaged in as they listened to her reflect on her life. As a Sage-ing Leader I'd encourage her to harvest the gifts that are within those decisions and to cultivate the wisdom that are the offerings extended to her.
As we age we certainly have had life experiences and I hope each of you will take some time to reflect with the goal of finding the wisdom that is your gift. This gift hopefully then allows more consciousness as we live our life and offer our gifts to others.

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