Friday, June 11, 2010


I was thinking about the people in my life that over the years have walked with me on my journey. I think of these women as having helped me make transitions into a deeper spiritual life, and sometimes you will hear these people referred to as 'midwives.'

One woman that comes to mind is Dorothy, whom I met synchronistically (which is another common denominator of these midwives for me) at a workshop we both were attending. We came together at this meeting and connected in a spiritual way. She introduced me to the Goddess and from there we studied dreams, the 12 Steps and Recovery, including Codependency. She valued her solitude as a special time to read, reflect, study her dreams, and meditate through prayer. She became my spiritual mentor. She modeled for me how to live your latter years as she continued her personal growth as a life-long learner, stayed connected with others', maintained her independence and contributed to her community. Dorothy latter introduced me to another midwife, Marge.

Marge and I synchonistically had moved to the same town at about the same time, and Dorothy introduced us as she had also been one of Marge's teachers also. The foundation that Dorothy had helped each of us build contributed to this ongoing process of my spiritual growth now with my teacher, Marge. She, too treasured her time for solitude and mentored for me this special time for reading, reflection, and prayer. She introduced me to the "God Box" describing it as a container in which we place our worries, cares, burdens, etc. She emphasized that it is the place for that which we do not need to carry; it is that which we need to let go of.

In this same city that Marge and I resided another midwife, Kathleen entered my life. We met synchronistically also as we were both getting our exercise walking when the rain started and we took shelter under the same pavilion. She and I had just moved to St. Augustine, as had Marge and I. Our friendship started there in the center of my beloved, St. Augustine. She continues to be a special guide on my journey. Over the years she has provided support, joy, prayers, and love. We are able to share books, movies, ideas, dreams, and beauty as we travel on our spiritual paths.

Midwives do not have to be people and can also be books, authors you have never met, music, art, animals (such as your pets), places, and dreams. May Sarton the author, has been one of my midwives and I have collected most of her writings. It is interesting to note that both Dorothy and Marge also shared this connection with May Sarton. They also shared my midwife experience with Carl Jung whom I have shared my journey of individuation. My Jungian analyst, Julia became a special midwife for me as I learned to harvest my dreams and to go deeper into my inner world.

I would encourage each of you to reflect on who or what has been a midwife for you on your life's journey. Perhaps you can share with us here on Kitchen Table Talk, or you can journal on your own about your midwives including writing letters to them regardless of whether they are still alive or have already made their transition.

I recently learned of an artist by the name of Doris Klein who has painted a picture she calls, The Midwives. You can find this on her website

I have other midwives that I haven't mentioned, however they are none-the-less important to me. I believe midwives are sent by God to travel with us on our journey. Midwives create within me a reminder of how much I am loved by God and that my life is being shaped, and for that I am both grateful and humbled.

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