Saturday, June 19, 2010


At breakfast today I was thinking about the meaningful rituals in my life. Rituals are simply customs that one does in service could even be as routine of 'how I do my mornings.' I like the ceremonial performance of the custom of rituals. I oftentimes light candles for people that I need to hold some energy for as a gesture of my love and prayers for them.

This candle is special candle (you can get them for a dollar at a dollar store) and as I light the candle, I say a prayer allowing the presence of the light, to be in my presence as I go about my day. People know I have this ritual and they will ask me to "please light a candle for..."

This simple gesture is a love language and a spiritual connection with myself, my Higher Power and my friend, for whom I light the candle. I honor this as a form of energy that the Divine sparks and the Grace that follows. It is a gesture of kindness, peace, love, and an offering of my faith in the power of prayer. The ritual holds a 'tie' that blesses the giver and the receiver.

Rituals hold many different meanings for people and of course, depending on the type of ritual we are speaking of determines the purpose of the performance. Check out your rituals today-do you have certain sets of actions that need to be performed; formal ceremonial customs around different passages of life; or, just some meaningful ways you go about your life that over time have constituted a set of behaviors that you reinforce daily?

Enjoy your rituals as they do bring meaning.

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