Sunday, July 25, 2010

Being out in Nature

This weekend I was able to spend some time in nature. Most work days you will find me inside an office and I do not get the luxury of being in the natural sun. Although temperatures were near 100 degrees most of the weekend, and I complained of the heat I did love being outside. I find relaxation in walking and observing plants, flowers, butterflies, birds, the sky and just about anything that meets my eye.

The family went to Silver Springs and enjoyed the park, including the water park. One day I was out in nature for eight hours. It is amazing that just a few hours from home how one can find such a different atmosphere and a new attitude towards life. Then, we toured the Natural History Museum and Butterfly Rainforest at University of Florida.

When families have time to be together in nature there is also extended a relaxation that is nurturing to the 'whole' and not just the individual. There is time to walk together telling stories and sharing jokes. I learned some things about family members that had occurred over the past year that each probably didn't think was worth sharing; however, to me it was great to hear that one grandchild was voted the funniest in his class and another was voted the one with the nicest smile. These stories are the everyday occurrences that many times are lost in the shuffle of time and it seems that when families have time to walk in nature that the ordinary gets shared.

It is also a time of picture taking-not just of each other being together but of nature. I now have pictures of butterflies, plants, flowers, rock gardens, garden benches, birds, and several pictures of our family's togetherness. Pictures of nature and family will sustain me for awhile but I certainly will be ready when the next adventure of being in nature happens. Until then I have my memories of the beauty of nature and of the relaxation that my body can recall when I close my eyes and reflect back to this time being out of the office and in the beauty of the out of doors.

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