Saturday, July 10, 2010

Count Your Blessings...

Count Your Blessings...
When feeling blessed Count Your Blessings,
When in need Count Your Blessings.
When victorious Count Your Blessings,
When without hope Count Your Blessings.
When confident Count Your Blessings,
When fearful Count Your Blessings.
When capable Count Your Blessings,
When challenged Count Your Blessings.
Count Your Blessings anytime, anywhere, for everything and when feeling blessed or not blessed Count Your Blessings. Gratitude is medicine for the soul as it can change attitudes, replenish spirits, and bring us to a place of humility. It is well needed in today's world. Each of us can practice self care by doing a gratitude list daily and even verbally sharing with another our thanks for...and, this oftentimes invites others then to share with us their gratitude.
It is difficult to be grateful when life isn't working out in the way you wanted it to, or thought it should/would be like today. Sometimes it is only in the looking backward or what we call hindsight that we see life's happenings were exactly what we needed to 'shape us' on our personal spiritual journeys. The door that closed allowed another road to open and on the new road you met a special somebody and, this opened doors for the next happening to occur. Life is like that-doors opening and doors closing and we are invited to see both as blessings.
What blessings are you counting today? I am grateful for my family, our health, our love for each other, my job, my home, my car, my friends, nature, to live in the USA, for my journey, and my faith in God.

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