Friday, July 30, 2010

The Muse

Years ago while reading May Sarton is when I came to seriously think about what the word Muse is about-and, today I still think about what My Muse is; especially in writing this blog Kitchen Table Talk.

A Muse is generally considered a source of inspiration. Over the years I have looked to a variety of things as my inspiration including, music, poetry, meditation, mentors, and recently nature has been my Muse. Nature. Watching the birds go to their bird feeders relaxes me and it is in this presence of mind that I can 'let go' and be still. It becomes tranquility for my spirit and perhaps this is the 'door' that is unlocked that allows the Muse to enter.

Linda Leonard in her book The Call to Create speaks of "The Muse is that mysterious, elusive spirit that inseminates our imagination, enlives us, and invites us to cocreate with nature; thus we must learn how to invite the Muse into our lives" (p.12). This morning as I sat in the sun room watching the birds I experienced the Muse. Many artists and creative folks of all walks of life can tell their tales of their Muses. I remember reading about a particular artist that had her ritual that she participated in every morning before she would start writing. For her, it brought her Muse into the room and she could begin working her craft.

My Muse allows me to move into my soulful place and it is here that I create. It places me in the 'zone of flow' as a more modern term explains what I interrupt to be the Muse. The Muse is mysterious and is not meant to be understood. It can only be experienced . It is of the spirit world and it is with great humility and gratitude that I recognize my Muse. However, I am clear that I am not the Muse and never can be. I continue to await my Muse.

Part of Kitchen Table Talk is to engage the reader to think about the topic and today I invite you to be more present in listening to your Muse. Perhaps to begin to think anew about what the Muse is and to review your history and how it has been with you over time. Please share your stories.


creativelife said...

James Hillman in his book The Soul's Code is an interesting book to foster this topic. Also, poet Mary Oliver is another reading source.

Ellen said...

Linda, Thank you for this blog. I am reminded of the power of the natural world to move me. At heart, I believe I am a pagan. It is the stars, the moon, the plants (oh, the flowers) and the critters which give me the greatest joy. I was just outside and looked at my sunflowers and had a pang of longing to sit on my deck. Duty bound me to come into the computer and do some work. And, then I see your blogpost. I'm headed back out to the deck. Thank you, so much. Ellen

creativelife said...

Ellen, thank you for your comment. And, I do hope you have taken time to enjoy your sunflowers. The birds have become my special friends and we commune daily. Blessings to you and I look forward to continuing to read your wonderful blog Wrinkled In Time. Linda