Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year. There is something that is always exciting for me about new beginnings and a new year is no exception. I usually take some time to review the previous year reflecting on what was and what wasn’t…however, my tendency is to be overly critical about what I thought I’d get done and didn’t get done.

In reflecting on 2010 I saw there were a lot of ordinary moments which was good because one of my goals was to live in the NOW and be grateful for each moment. I recapped the ‘bumps’ and reminded myself that was ‘normal’ and could also be considered ordinary as there will be ‘bumps’ along the way. I remembered that my goal was to be in the NOW, so that would mean the ‘bumps’ were OK and, I could feel gratitude for them. The expression of gratitude for each moment as I lived fully in the NOW would bring me the joy I was seeking.

However, I still found areas in my life review of 2010 that I was dissatisfied with and had to quietly say to myself “2010 is over now and 2011 is a new beginning.” The New Year means I might have a chance to overcome some of my shortcomings, to make improvements, to lighten my tendency of being self critical, and to just ‘do it better and get it right.'  I realized the excitement of the New Year was about hope. The New Year would give me another chance, 2011 poses hope for me and maybe for you.

I think the New Year opens for many of us hope for new possibilities, hope that we can do it differently next year, and hope that we are enough. The excitement of 2011 is we know we can’t change 2010 but 2011 is an empty slate and we human beings are a ‘hopeful bunch!’

Happy New Year!

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