Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oprah's Last Show

It was with tears that many said 'goodbye' to the Oprah show as we have known it for the last 25 years.  Although, I believe it is truly only a 'see you latter' as Oprah now has OWN and will continue her years of contributing to others.

She has been a mighty force and has supported many individuals in their personal growth.  I extend a thank you to Oprah and for her years of service in being a teacher and supporting so many of us on our journeys. 

I encourage each of you to think about what Oprah gave you.  I started a gratitude journal because of Oprah and even though I haven't continued with writing each day a gratitude list, I still nightly close my day with verbally reviewing my gratitude list.  How many books have you read over the years that Oprah introduced?  How many times have you said, "Oprah said..." noting the authority each of us have given her in speaking the truths that we have come to know and accept about life.

It is an end of era and the closing words that Oprah spoke captured my heart and reminded me of why she has been so loved and appreciated for her 25 years of service.  Thank you Oprah!


Kathryn Magendie said...

Thank you for your kind words about my book -*smiling warmly* -so appreciated.

As for Oprah - it's hard to believe her show will be gone, isn't it? What a force she has been!

Ellen said...

Linda, in that I haven't watched much television in years, I probably only watched one or two Oprah shows. Nonetheless, I have seen Oprah as a powerful force, a voice of healing and one of respect. I hold her in high esteem. And, I also believe we haven't seen the last of her. I know you sent me a link to her last show. I haven't watched it yet. I will take a look at it. Thanks for giving her her due.