Sunday, December 15, 2013

Journaling Exercise for entering the New Year

New Years Journaling

This journaling exercise supports a process of "harvesting" the past year and stepping into the new year with more empowerment.

Highlight events from this past year

What are the lessons learned?

Who helped mentor you this year? Who did you mentor this year?

Name the happening or interactions that need to be "let go".

What were your most peaceful moments?
And, moments that were the most challenging?

What brought you the most meaning in the last year?  How was "happiness" the byproduct of this experience?

Any one person that stands out during those moments of meaning?

Write about times that you were the most playful?

What was your favorite book that you read?  Movie? Travel experience?

What is the essence or your "word" for the letting go of this past year?

NOW,  let's move into the new year:

State your Intention of the new year to come

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