Friday, July 31, 2015

Inner Change Produces Outer Change

Inner Change Produces Outer Change

In sharing a picture of my new hair style with a good friend she gently reminded me that Inner Change Produces Outer Change.  I agreed and then talked more about recently waking up one morning with a deep knowing regarding direction I had been seeking pertaining to a particular decision.  I do believe that this "waking up" helped me to make a long needed decision about a new hair style.

This week had also  concluded a month long Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride online group with Mary Lunnen, Life Coach, .  Mary gave our online group a weekly meditation to follow and we were invited to share our experiences.  However, my magic carpet remained grounded.  It was discouraging as I read the beautiful visualizations of other group members and I had little to contribute.  I explored thoughts about why my magic carpet was staying grounded and I finally realized it was because I was "stuck" and this helped me to see that there was a message being given to me in this wonderful visualization of my grounded magic carpet.  Once I got this message my carpet started moving although, it never gave me the Midsummer ride I was hoping, but it gave me what I needed; I "woke up" one morning with a knowing of what is to be next.

And, now I have a new hair style.  Yes, dear friend "Inner Change Produces Outer Change".

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