Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lessons and Gifts in the Power of Positive Thinking

Yesterday my husband and I were going to lunch at one of our favorites restaurants and as we found our way I said, 'hey, this is the street turn here."  He replied with "that is a busy street and we won't be able to find parking there".  I bantered with, "let's try" with his quick statement of "I'm practical and realistic we won't find parking there".  And, I said, "well I have faith, let's try".  He did make that turn and guess what-right smack in front of the restaurant was our parking place!  Yeah!  I chuckled to myself as I knew we both were given lessons and gifts.  Thank You Universe!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The August Break 2015 with Susannah Conway

The August Break 2015 with Susannah Conway

For the first time I am participating in Susannah Conway's August Break

She invites the participant to post on Instagram, Facebook or Flickr a photograph of the daily prompt.   My goal is to be consistent and to post everyday.  I'm also using it as an invitation to be mindful as I view my environment.

Check out her website.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Inner Change Produces Outer Change

Inner Change Produces Outer Change

In sharing a picture of my new hair style with a good friend she gently reminded me that Inner Change Produces Outer Change.  I agreed and then talked more about recently waking up one morning with a deep knowing regarding direction I had been seeking pertaining to a particular decision.  I do believe that this "waking up" helped me to make a long needed decision about a new hair style.

This week had also  concluded a month long Midsummer Magic Carpet Ride online group with Mary Lunnen, Life Coach, .  Mary gave our online group a weekly meditation to follow and we were invited to share our experiences.  However, my magic carpet remained grounded.  It was discouraging as I read the beautiful visualizations of other group members and I had little to contribute.  I explored thoughts about why my magic carpet was staying grounded and I finally realized it was because I was "stuck" and this helped me to see that there was a message being given to me in this wonderful visualization of my grounded magic carpet.  Once I got this message my carpet started moving although, it never gave me the Midsummer ride I was hoping, but it gave me what I needed; I "woke up" one morning with a knowing of what is to be next.

And, now I have a new hair style.  Yes, dear friend "Inner Change Produces Outer Change".

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Be Brave!!!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite videos!  Enjoy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Journaling Exercise for entering the New Year

New Years Journaling

This journaling exercise supports a process of "harvesting" the past year and stepping into the new year with more empowerment.

Highlight events from this past year

What are the lessons learned?

Who helped mentor you this year? Who did you mentor this year?

Name the happening or interactions that need to be "let go".

What were your most peaceful moments?
And, moments that were the most challenging?

What brought you the most meaning in the last year?  How was "happiness" the byproduct of this experience?

Any one person that stands out during those moments of meaning?

Write about times that you were the most playful?

What was your favorite book that you read?  Movie? Travel experience?

What is the essence or your "word" for the letting go of this past year?

NOW,  let's move into the new year:

State your Intention of the new year to come

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Fall Festival

This is me today!
I enjoyed attending a wonderful Fall festival yesterday in McIntosh, FL.  This has now become a ritual that a girlfriend and I do annually and this marks our fourth year.  We enjoy being out of doors and this year was the first year that it actually felt like Fall, usually we are dying from the heat and cannot drink enough water.  The festival has several vendors with their wonderful arts and creative works.  I am always amazed at what can be created from a variety of ingredients.  This year it seemed larger than ever with the booths set up in aisles that weave in and out, which also means there is a lot of walking!

We get there early in the morning, arriving while it is still dark to find that special parking place that will locate us as nearest to the central area.  This is important as we have to make two or three trips to the car with our treasures.  Now, my car is parked and I'm ready for this adventure and that is exactly what it is. 
At the entrance is a bake sale sponsored by a church group and it is in the same location every year.  My eyes see the cookies, candies, and cakes and desire begins.  I have been known to start my day there with a piece of my favorite cake (Remember, I have already had breakfast, so now I am ready for my snack!).  This year, however I don't stop to purchase anything until latter and at lunch I stop there and have my dessert first and then I eat a basket of shrimp!

There are lines and one vendor stays as busy as Starbucks.  It is from this vendor that I buy this wonderful stake.  I cannot walk around with this stake at the risk of injuring myself or another; so, yes a trip to the car.

This year, because I am now a seasoned shopper at the festival I bring a large bag and inside I have two other bags folded.  However, what I didn't think of was how in the world would I manage to carry all of these treasures.  So, that began my trips to the car.  In addition, the items sometimes are pretty awkward to carry, like this pumpkin in the middle of the table.  It is done with the beautiful technique of decoupage.  Do any of you remember practicing this art?  The plate and the candle was done by another artist, came in a set I bought called "A Gathering". 

Then, I met the woman who does this blog and I bought this wonderful shower cap she named Romance.

Every year when I go to the festival I purchase wonderful pieces of weaving done by fiber artist, Annabelle Leiner and this year was no exception.  Instead of trying to place my pictures of my purchases on this post, I'm just going to refer you to her website.  She also does custom made weavings.  She and her sister, Nancy Leitner work together.  I got to visit with Nancy yesterday and sent my regards to Annabelle.  Please check out

What a lovely day.  However, I was surprised at how my legs hurt and how my body just didn't want to cooperate.  I had to rest today to recover and that is the meaning of my initial joke (this was also made by an artist and purchased at the festival) which I'm also going to close with. 
Hope you understand!