Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Yellow Brick Road

We call this red brick path The Yellow Brick Road.  The path connects the front and the back yards of this Cottage built in 1942.  There are ferns on both sides of The Yellow Brick Road and it is really quite lovely.  When the grandkids were younger they named it The Yellow Brick Road and would run 'up and down' this path.  At that time they were in love with The Wizard of Oz and it was during this same time period that probably for 3 or 4 Halloweens' our little granddaughter would dress up as Dorothy including, carrying a little basket with Toto in it.

In my psychotherapy practice I offer sandplay and over the years have collected the images of Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, The Cowardly Lion, Toto, Glenda, and even The Yellow Brick Road.   These images grace my sandplay shelves and many clients, as they have done their sandplays they too have travelled The Yellow Brick Road with these images.  These images hold a universal meaning and all of us connect on some level to the symbolism.

The Yellow Brick Road is from the novel, The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, and Dorothy is instructed to follow this path.  I'm also partial to paths and the image of the path brings to me the reminder that it isn't the destination but the journey that is important to me.  Dorothy had quite a journey on her path and met up with several characters along the way.  She wanted to get 'home' to what was familiar and to those she loved and arrive she did.

 I so often get caught up in thinking about 'when I get there' that I forget to just focus on the path right in front of me-the NOW.  I recently watched the movie The Peaceful Warrior and in this story a student finds a teacher that guides him to an understanding of the NOW and it reminded me of the quote, "that when a student is ready a teacher appears."  He finds his 'path' with the help of his teacher (Nick Nolte whom he calls 'Socrates'). We might surmise that he truly finds his inner elder and the viewer trusts that this young man now is moving forward with the wisdom of how to follow his Yellow Brick Road.  It isn't so different than Dorothy who learns she does have a brain, she does have a heart, and she does have courage and, she integrates those parts of self as she travels The Yellow Brick Road and she does get to return home (to Self). 

I am reminded in both of these stories that I have all I need within and can call upon my inner elder to guide me on my life's journey, i.e., on my path and I am coming home to Self.  It is the journey not the destination that I am to enjoy.