Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Picture of True Happiness on a Sunday Afternoon

A Picture of True Happiness

I was driving down a two-lane highway and to the side of the road I saw three young boys.  The boy that was in front was the oldest and he carried the fishing tackle box.  The next boy was walking a few feet behind and he had a bucket, a large bucket which he was carrying with both hands.  I assume it was full of water and the fish they had caught.  The last boy who looked to be the youngest was just steps behind the boy in the middle.  This youngest boy carried the fishing pole. 

They were not making any fashion statement and were not even color coordinated but how they caught my eye.  They had radiant smiles, a peacefulness that moved right into my car as I traveled along the highway.  I spontaneously smiled as I took in this sight of a leisure Sunday afternoon fishing trip of three boys without a care in the world.  The simplicity of that moment and the picture was worthy of a Norman Rockwell moment.  It was a gift to me and I said “Thank You.”

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Book Review

Product Details

Moments of Truth, Gifts of Love by Eve Strella-Ribson  (Paperback)
2011 Productivity Publications
Moments of Truth, Gifts of Love is a collection of stories about love, survival and community as these women journeyed through breast cancer.

The book has a glossary of terms about breast cancer that I turned to throughout the reading of the book that was invaluable to me as a reader.

I work as a psychotherapist and at any time have a couple or three women who have breast cancer or another form of cancer. I think this book is a hopeful book for anybody with cancer or anybody in need of hope. I highly recommend it.